The Sea, the Sea

The sea, the sea,
It calls to me,
Thrashing, pulsing,
Seething, writhing
Beast, it waits and
Howls beneath
My window;
The wind sings
A mournful tune,
Harmonizing with that
Dreadful, breathtaking,
Bewitching body.
Cold and
Yet warm,
Almost welcoming.
I yearn to be
Beneath those
Dark blue and
Grey waves,
Where it is
Delightfully pure
And blissful,
Achingly sweet
And strong –
Devastatingly strong.

I don’t belong
On this dry land.
I can feel the salt
Water calling to me,
Luring me into its
Deep, dark abyss,
Where everything
Is slow and calm
And the heart that
Doesn’t feel like mine,
That thumps,
Singing, in my chest,
Finally becomes clear
When my blood runs
Cold with salt water.
It’s a high tide coming,
But the wild within me
Shrieks and sighs and it
Won’t quiet until
The sea rushes in
And drowns out
Its sorrowful howl.

The loving, inviting sea
Wraps me in its
Cool embrace
As I give up and
Give in –
I breathe
In and –
I am finally

– Poetry By M


I worship at the
Temple of your body,
Every curve a
Midnight hymn.
I must explore
Every inch of
Brick and skin.

Stained glass eyes
Call me back to bed
Moonlight your
Sole garment –
Exposed to the
Night and all gods.

Yours is a
Garden I never
Wish to leave.

– Poetry By M


Flowers lightly scent the air,
Woven into your midnight tresses,
Painting the night in vivid
Reds, blues, purples, pinks,
Every hue blooms explicit.

A sun-drenched path leads,
Leads away, leaves windswept in
Complex patterns across it
Branches heavy with birdsong;
Ancient rites witnessed from treetops.

Soft seclusion in a meadow,
Far from the beaten path,
Beckons; Clouds scroll a blue sky,
Talking of nothing and of
Everything – I ache inside.

We have gone this way
Before – what of it?
Yearning blossoms in my chest
But I have naught but
Pressed flowers between

Pages with their perfume
Fading away. A stolen
Glance, plaiting your hair with
Trembling petals while blue
Skies turn to thunderstorms –

I try to wait patiently. The birds
Will forever throw their voices
To the sky, waiting for an answer –
As I will try,
And try, and try.

– Poetry By M

Which Witch Is It?

“Are you a good witch, or are you a bad witch?”

I think most people recognize this question that Glinda “The Good Witch” asks of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, after her house drops upon the “Wicked Witch of the East,” killing her. Little innocent Dorothy doesn’t really understand the question, but I think most women then and especially now recognize it as the loaded question that it is.

The term “witch” has been used as an insult, an accusation, and a death sentence for a few thousand years. Women, and some men, were persecuted and murdered due to their practice of witchcraft when patriarchal societies became the prominent form, and women with health knowledge were seen as threats to the patriarchs. They claimed witches would eat their children, rot their crops, curse whole villages to get their way, that they worshiped the devil and took him as a lover.

However, before the patriarchy, for tens of thousands of years, women had much more equality and power than they had for the past couple of thousands of years, and do today. Matriarchal cultures were the norm, where being a “witch” was seen as something to be revered and respected. The people worshiped the goddess, the earth, the great mother, and “witchcraft” was used for worship and medicinal purposes. Witches, or shamans, knew how to ease pain during childbirth and even how to rid an unwanted pregnancy, long before male doctors and hospitals sprung up around the world.

Today, the resistance wages on, and there has been a resurgence in the witch, or Wicca, and matriarchal power. I first identified myself as a witch when I learned that the only real rule in Wicca was to “do no harm to others.” You can worship whatever god or goddess you wish to, or none at all, you just have to have respect and have an awe for nature, to love and respect the earth, and to try your absolute best to not harm others.

Of course, even today, there are movies and literature, such as Hocus Pocus and The Craft, that paint witches in an evil light, where they have to suck the souls out of children to stay beautiful or  kill their supposed friends for “betraying the coven,” and even the aforementioned The Wizard of Oz, where the Wicked Witch of the West wants to kill Dorothy solely for a pair of shoes (although this perception of the Wicked Witch is turned around by the book and musical, Wicked, which does an excellent job of portraying the persecution of witches who were just trying to do good, along with the classic motifs associated with the “evil witch,” such as the black pointed hat, a long black dress, and the broomstick).

However, doing “black magic” is not something someone who wants to identify as a witch or as Wicca does, because it would bring harm to others. A true witch is someone who puts out positive energy through prayers, rituals, or the simple lighting of the candle, in order to help improve the world. Essentially, we follow the idea of karma, in that what you put out into the world will be returned to you.

So, in answer to Glinda’s question, a good witch. That is the only witch there is.


Let us pray.
While the night
Lapses to day,
Why is it so hard
To get right?

Pray to what
Gods will listen
And hope they
Are forgiving
And kind.

Salty rivers mix
With spilled blood,
Deep in the sea
Beneath the waves

Of silence,
Pulsing unforgivingly.
Pray to tread water.
Pray to breathe.

– Poetry By M


Dear Readers,

This is my first blog post on my very own website, via WordPress, and I hope everyone who has found their way here may find a little something that they can enjoy. I hope to focus upon some of my interests, such as witchcraft and nature, as well as posting original poems and writing opinion pieces on current events.

Currently my title is “Mary Has A Blog,” but that may change as this blog grows and evolves into something I can be proud of and shout about to the world. I hope to use it as practice in writing pieces that people wish to read, and if I can help, inspire, change the mind, or even just bring a smile to the face of only one person, then I have fulfilled my purpose.

Please join me on this journey of self-discovery of mine, and please be patient with me as I learn, as we are all on this earth together and we all deserve to flex our muscles, whether they be physical or mental, and my wish is that I can do that here with the freedom to express myself.

Thank you, and all my love,