The Sea, the Sea

The sea, the sea,
It calls to me,
Thrashing, pulsing,
Seething, writhing
Beast, it waits and
Howls beneath
My window;
The wind sings
A mournful tune,
Harmonizing with that
Dreadful, breathtaking,
Bewitching body.
Cold and
Yet warm,
Almost welcoming.
I yearn to be
Beneath those
Dark blue and
Grey waves,
Where it is
Delightfully pure
And blissful,
Achingly sweet
And strong –
Devastatingly strong.

I don’t belong
On this dry land.
I can feel the salt
Water calling to me,
Luring me into its
Deep, dark abyss,
Where everything
Is slow and calm
And the heart that
Doesn’t feel like mine,
That thumps,
Singing, in my chest,
Finally becomes clear
When my blood runs
Cold with salt water.
It’s a high tide coming,
But the wild within me
Shrieks and sighs and it
Won’t quiet until
The sea rushes in
And drowns out
Its sorrowful howl.

The loving, inviting sea
Wraps me in its
Cool embrace
As I give up and
Give in –
I breathe
In and –
I am finally

– Poetry By M

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