Dear Readers,

This is my first blog post on my very own website, via WordPress, and I hope everyone who has found their way here may find a little something that they can enjoy. I hope to focus upon some of my interests, such as witchcraft and nature, as well as posting original poems and writing opinion pieces on current events.

Currently my title is “Mary Has A Blog,” but that may change as this blog grows and evolves into something I can be proud of and shout about to the world. I hope to use it as practice in writing pieces that people wish to read, and if I can help, inspire, change the mind, or even just bring a smile to the face of only one person, then I have fulfilled my purpose.

Please join me on this journey of self-discovery of mine, and please be patient with me as I learn, as we are all on this earth together and we all deserve to flex our muscles, whether they be physical or mental, and my wish is that I can do that here with the freedom to express myself.

Thank you, and all my love,


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